Vixen DD-1 AutoGuider Relay Cable Milton Hill Observatory Est 2003
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Circuit Board and Cable
This circuit will allow an ST-4 compatiable AutoGuider to control a Vixen DD-1 hand controller without needing an external power source. The circuit is powered from the VCC +5 VDC from the DD-1.
  • Schematic
  • schematic
  • PC Board Layout
  • layout
  • PC Board used in prototype
  • prototype board
  • Making the circuit board
  • circuit board top
  • Top component side of circuit board.
  • Note: Cable labels were printed wrong.
  • circuit board bottom
  • Bottom side of circuit board.
  • circuit board components
  • Components installed.
  • circuit board cable 2
  • Circuit using TLP222A-2.
  • Now using TLP222A-2 instead of AQW215 as the OPTO Relay chips.
  • circuit board cable
  • Cable attached.
  • circuit board cable
  • Completed circuit board with cable.
  • circuit board cable
  • Completed cable.

Vixen DD-1 Hand Controller Modification
This shows how to mofify the Vixen DD-1 Hand Controller for AutoGuiding. Click here for web page formated for printing DD-1 modification instructions.
May also work with the Vixen DD-2 but I have not seen the inside of one.
  • Disassembly
  • Direction buttons
  • The 4 direction buttons just pop off. A small screwdriver will help pry them up.
  • Case
  • Remove the 3 secrews from the back of the case and remove the top.
  • Circuit board
  • Remove the 4 secrews from the corners of the circuit board and flip it over.
  • RJ12 6 wire cable plug wiring
  • rj12
  • Pin numbering
  • The blue wire is used in the pin 1 position on all RF12 plugs.
  • DD-1 back of circuit board with mofification
  • back
  • Wiring
  • Blue wire is connected to an existing hole labeled VCC.
  • Yellow wire is connected to ground.
  • Green wire is connected to the. East button.
  • Red wire is connected to the North button.
  • White wire is connected to the West button.
  • Black wire is connected to the South button.
  • DD-1 front of circuit board, show routing of RJ12 cable
  • front
  • Reassembly
  • The lower end fo the DD-1 case must be knoched to allow the AutoGuider flat cable to come out of the box.
  • DD-1 modified
  • complete
  • Completed
  • DD-1 with AutoGuider cable.

AutoGuiding results using Orion StarShoot AutoGuider and PHD Guiding software.
  • AutoGuiding Test
  • 3 mins
  • 3 minute guiding around Altair
  • Vixen GP mount.
  • Stellarvue SV80S with TeleVue TRF-2008 reducer/flattener.
  • Canon Rebel XS DSLR
  • GP mount

  • Vixen GP mount with Stellarvue SV80S and Orion StarShoot AutoGuider.
  • AP130

  • Vixen GP mount with Astro-Physics 130 EDF STARFIRE Gran Turimso and Orion StarShoot AutoGuider.
  • PHD Guiding Graphs
  • RA Graph
  • RA graph
  • DEC Graph
  • DEC graph
6-Sep-2011 William E. Rison