Total Lunar Eclipse November 29-30, 1993

Viewed with 8-inch reflector and 12x80 binoculars at home on Smallwood Church road.  Telescope was setup on back yard behind garage.
Saw bright, -1 magnitude, meteor during partial phase to right of moon heading south south west.  7th magnitude star SAO 76564 was occulted by eclipsed side of moon at around 2:10 AM.
William E. Rison

Total phase (30-Nov-1993)
  Totality began at 1:02 AM EST and ended at 1:50 AM EST.  Mid eclipse was at 1:26 AM EST.  Totality lasted for 48 minutes.

total wide view

10 seconds

20 seconds

45 seconds

Photography Data:
Home build 8" newtonian reflector telescope, 1575mm focal length, f/7.75
80mm f/4.5 telephoto zoom lens
Nikon N2020 35mm camera, Kodak Gold 400 film
Ulead PhotoImpact software

  I used a 8 inch Newtonian.  The telescope was attached to a Star-Liner mount with a RA motor drive.

Home build 8" Newtonian reflector
(this telescope is now at my brother's observatory)
1575mm focal length f/7.75

Star-Liner Deluxe equatorial mount

Tasco 12x80 binoculars

Eclipse Information
Charts showing the timing of eclipse events and sky location of moon at mid-eclipse.
visibility chartSky chart

November 8, 2004